Al-Rebab Company

Al-Rebab for machines & equipments Company is a partnership between Jordanian company (Asibex Co. and an Iraqi company. The company established in 2000, and it specialized in selling and marketing the food & beverage filling and packaging lines in the addition of the plastic machines. The origin of these production lines is America & Europe. Our production lines include:

Filling lines for carbonated beverages, water and juices:

  • Blowing machines for PET.
  • Filling lines for Diary and Ice cream.
  • Filling lines for all type of the Chips.
  • Preparation rooms for beverages.
  • Units for water purification and distillation.
  • Quality control lab equipments..
  • All types of raw materials (flavors, colors, sweeteners, functional ingredients) for carbonated beverages, energy drinks, juices, pharmaceuticals, Chips, performs and labels …etc.).

    The company's head office is located in Amman-Jordan, to give the support to Iraqi office in terms of financial, banking and logistic aspects.

    The company has many departments, and the most important ones are:
    1. Sales department
    2. Technical department for machines installation, staff trainings, and the after sales services.

    Al Rebab is one of a group of Iraqi and Jordanian companies, which are:

    1. Abu Saleh & Attallah Co. Ltd. – Asibex (Amman - Jordan)

    2. Shams Al-Iraq for supply, import & export Co. Ltd. (Amman -Jordan)

    3. Al-Nabi Soft drink & juice Co. Ltd. (Baghdad - Iraq)

    4. Arabian Aerated water Co. Ltd. (Baghdad - Iraq)